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FOUNDATION CHILD (‘Stichting’ Child) was founded and registered at Blaricum, The Netherlands, on 16th January 1996 (Chamber of Commerce registration no. 41194865), is a The Netherlands’ officially registered charity (tax registration no. 805107344). The board members of CHILD do not receive any payment or allowances.

1. Aims
CHILD aims to increase chances for optimal development and good health of vulnerable children in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. It focuses on financially supporting education of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) at primary and secondary school level and, when needed, in higher education, i.e. college and university.

2. History
From 2003, more effective presence of national and international Aids programs in Tanzania, allowed Child to broaden its activities from providing care and education of Aids orphans to education of vulnerable and poor children in general. To guarantee continuation of schooling OVC, CHILD executes sound financial control, supervision and direct contact with schools.

Mr. Hans Baart, member of CHILD’s board and director of “Multiflower Ltd” (MF, Arusha), stepped back as board member and took from 2014 onwards responsibility to supervise the execution of CHILD’s school program by selected MF staff.

At present, 5 years later, MF’s execution of the CHILD schoolproject perfectly fits the by the Tanzania government recently propagated ‘Corporate Responsibility’ of commercial enterprises operating in Tanzania.

3. School Program

Contact with schools is by e-mail or “Dropbox”, with a visit of each school in a two-year period. When needed, schools are offered a cell phone. CHILD aims at an optimal contact, including communication how pupils do and progress. Visits offer an impression of schools in general and allow MF staff to directly talk to OVC pupils.

Schools are paid for OVC pupils through “M-Pesa”, East Africa’s most popular digital payment system, by cell phone. A pre-requisite for payment is schools providing CHILD (MF) with information on progress and well-being of pupils.

Of our foundation’s total income, 97,5% is directly used for education. Our overhead costs are at the best possible minimum. In 2018, the cost of schooling at primary level (Standard 1-7) was around € 70.- and at secondary level (Form I-IV) € 90.-. An ‘advanced student’ (Form V-VI or college) costs around € 200.- per year, depending on type of education and need for boarding. Included is approximately 10% costs per pupil to execute the program, mainly caused by two-yearly school visits of MF-staff. We aim to keep the average expenditure per pupil at € 80.- annually.

4. Output
In Tanzania, the school year for primary education (Standard 1-7) and secondary education (Form I-IV) starts in January. For pupils doing A-level (‘advanced students’, Form V-VI) this is June. The academic year for Colleges and University begins in September/October. In 2018, we supported 317 primary school (Standard I-VII) pupils, 170 pupils in secondary school (Form I-IV) and 14 advanced students (Form V-VI). The A-level certificate, obtained after successful completion of Form VI, offers entrance to higher education and university. In October 2018, 5 talented advanced students who obtained their A-level certificate, were selected to receive a yearly scholarship of € 400 during a 5 year-period. This could be realized by the generous support of a private foundation. For the year 2019, CHILD supports 299 primary school pupils and 181 pupils in secondary school. At the end of 2019, approximately 45 of the latter will complete Form IV. Only some of those will qualify to start A-level education in June. Then, it will become clear how many advanced students will have passed their A-level exams.

5. Planning
To stabalise the total number of supported pupils around 500 in the years to come, preferably in a lower total number of schools. This will result in more efficient school visits and more detailed knowledge on pupil’s progress and performance of schools. New is the possibility to support higher education for some ‘advanced students’ after completing A-level or technical college. The five-year lasting scholarships, which started in the academic year 2018-2019, will continue until 2022-2023.

6. External assessment
The Dutch daily newspaper “Trouw” classified CHILD in the top 50 of all The Netherlands’ charities. Considering the total number of 800 charities that were assessed, CHILD was within the group of 3% best.

On 1 september 2016, already having The Netherlands’ charity (“ANBI”) status for many years, CHILD was also awarded “Recognised Charity” status by the independent Central Bureau for Fund Raising (CBF) and allowed to carry the CBF logo in CHILD’s communications.

7. DONATE your contribution for schooling of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) to: NL 43 RABO 0308423003, CHILD, Almere   To school ONE PUPIL is averagely costing €80,- per year. Please, state your e-mail address in the bank transfer.

Board of CHILD, April 18, 2019
Rob Moot, MBA, treasurer
Jaap Mulder, MD, chairman
Henk Stokking, BSc, member
Jules Tolboom, MD, PhD, secretary

Aat van Rhijn, MD, CHILD board member in charge of fundraising, retired on May 24 2018, after more than 9 years active and successful service. Until a successor has been identified, treasurer Rob Moot will take on this task as well.